Peco Food, Inc. New Processing Plant
Pocahontas, AR


Scott C. Woods was hired by Peco Foods, Inc. to design and build a new chicken processing plant for the corporation. This project provided HVAC, plumbing and fire sprinkler design as well as a new hatchery and protein recovery plant.


The plant design utilizes energy recovery from boiler waste heat in the protein recovery plant to provide 100% of the processing plant’s hot water usage.

Equipment and Systems Expectations

This plant is engineered with the structural, piping and heating design to sustain a 12,000,000 Btu thermal heater system used to serve process fryers.


Peco Foods Processing Plants underwent a detailed classification study to ensure that all fire alarms, egress requirements and fire sprinkler zones were up to date. This study was used to create a companywide life safety plan for each process facility.